Ban on Saudi Arabian students at ELS Language Centers USA

This is to inform you that ELS Language Centers USA is putting in place its largest ever “ban” on new applications for Saudi Arabian students at ELS centers in the USA. This is an effort to attempt to manage the incredible flow of applications that ELS has received in recent months, coming on top of already high Saudi enrollments.

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Homestay FAQs

Living with a homestay family offers international students the opportunity to practice speaking the language every day and to immerse themselves in the local culture. Host families generally host 1 – 3 international students at a time, and are located within 30 minutes from the school by public transportation. Below you’ll find a list of frequently asked questions about homestays.

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High Schools in USA

A lot of international students desire to attend college or university in the United States, but find it difficult to gain admission. Often, international students lack the proper guidance when choosing between the thousands of American universities. Their English skills may also be a problem when applying to a university in the US.

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Great Visa News for the UK: Student Visitor Visa (SVV) Extended to 11 Months

The Student Visitor Visa (SVV) is being extended to 11 months. Students can apply for this from 10th January 2011. This means that students can now come to the UK for up to 11 months without proving their level of English. The criteria remain the same as the existing SVV – students can not extend from within the UK and there is no right to work.

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Discounts for English courses in the US

Our partner FLS just announced two great fall promotions: Flat rate discounts and Family and Friends.

The flat rate discount is as simple as it sounds: you get a flat rate discounts depending on how many weeks you stay:

  • 6+ weeks: $300 USD
  • 8+ weeks: $400 USD
  • 12+ weeks: $500 USD
  • 16+ weeks: $600 USD
  • 20+ weeks: $800 USD
  • 24+ weeks: $1,000 USD
  • 32+ weeks: $1,200 USD

The friends and family promotion works as follows: book your twelve week program at FLS, add a friend and you’ll each get 10% off the program price.

Both promotions are for students starting from August 30 – December 17 and are only valid for the Super Intensive and Intensive programs at the FLS locations in Glendora (near Los Angeles), Las Vegas, Boston, and Lock Haven and cannot be combined with any other offers from FLS.

For more information on these promotions, please feel free to contact us.

book your twelve week program at
FLS, add a friend and you’ll each
get 10% off the program price.