Learn English in Los Angeles, USA

What is the best way to learn English in Los Angeles, USA?

Wishing to learn English in Los Angeles, USA? When you reach Los Angeles, expect you’ll be enquired: “Where are you from?” It appears everyone has come from somewhere else, dreamers, go-getters as well as hustlers who fuel the city’s dynamic excitement. Where else could an English acrobat named Archibald Leach become debonair Cary Grant?

Or an Austrian bodybuilder lift his way from Muscle Beach to the governor’s mansion? Perhaps the water’s from someplace else, brought in almost a hundred years back after DWP chief William Mulholland opened the gates of his 233-mile aqueduct and millions of gallons ran into the metropolis. His words to the crowd? ‘There it is. Take it.’ The hustling by no means ends. Screenwriters fervently pitch their latest work under the watchful eye of the Hollywood sign. Surfers hang on patiently for the perfect Malibu wave. The dreamers and optimists fill the city, usually waiting for hours at Pink for the best chili dog. Don’t care for hot dogs? A several steps away are the healthy and balanced macrobiotic delights of M Café de Chaya, where a hot dog would be met with gasps of ‘Moist Coutured’ horror. But that’s LA – a bustling mash-up of culture, community and cuisine, where clubs-du-jour lurk adjacent to old-school delis, ramshackle markets wobble near glistening shopping centers, palm trees sway over car-carrying rivers, and well-known museums preen alongside bubbling tar pits. As for the city described in Oscar-winning Crash, LA’s not quite so upset – everybody’s way too busy chattering on cells, checking Black Berries or perhaps downward dogging to care about the next person. Unless it’s a casting agent, of course. Certainly, the town runs a little thick on superficiality, self-absorption plus sunshine, but c’mon, isn’t that the factor? Enjoy yourself. Reinvent. Go shopping. Hike. Surf. Party. LA is actually yours to seize. Mulholland’s famous words are still relevant today: ‘There it is. Go for it. ’.

Top schools to learn English in Los Angeles, USA

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