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What is the best way to learn English in Miami, USA?

Trying to learn English in Miami, USA? “It’s really a purported fact that on the Eighth Day, The Almighty brought all of the nation’s eccentrics to the Southeast corner of the region and named it South Florida. It was a different area. Here’s just how it works: cruise down I-95 highway from the northeast and at some time, around Richmond, you cross the undetectable line isolating the North from the South.

Continue exploring further, all the way to America’s tip. Somewhere close to Orlando, you crossed yet another line, separating the rest of Florida from reality. Here in Miami, the Everglades and the Keys, things certainly are a little Alice in Sweaty Wonderland. It’s the weather conditions; all the humidity and hurricanes stir up the locals. Add in the alligators and the mosquitoes, and it seems that Miami might be in trouble. But this spectacular city combines both the ecstatic energy and hungry third world edge of the Caribbean and Latin America. Economic inequality is actually unrestrained, and the grandiose spirit of American capitalism has mixed well with Miami’s Latin/Mediterranean exuberance, making the gulf between the haves and also have-nots here seem particularly substantial. But that twinkling mirage of prosperity is also what makes this city so fun and fast. ‘The World is Yours’ was the iconic catchphrase of Scarface, a movie that grabbed the highs and lows of Miami’s hyper-extravagant 1980s, to the extent that the residents of this town have taken that motto to heart. In the west lie the Everglades, an exceptional ecosystem whose flooded wetlands appear to be some sort of warm, pleasant nook. North of town lies Fort Lauderdale, with its yachting crowd sipping their Martinis. South are the mangrove islands and shifting sandbars of the Florida Keys, whose islands serve like a refuge and break free for all those nonconformists too revolutionary for the rest of South Florida’s bohemians. Sounds great? Come on down. The air feels just like a silk kiss and the beach has the scent of lotion and hormones. Welcome to Miami. The party began five minutes ago. You gonna dance?”

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  1. Hi there, Miami sounds like a cool place to learn English. I heard that half the city is Spanish speaking, which is pretty incredible. I guess it’s an ideal place to go for learning two different languages! The only thing I’d worry about if I was an English learner would be safety, I mean, is Miami a safe place? Maybe I watched too much Miami Vice but I have images in my mind of guns and gangsters! Anyway I like your description of the city, I hope I can go there some day. Cheers.

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