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General English courses

General English courses are for adults who want to improve their speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills in English. Most general English courses are for adults age 16 and up. 2 - 48 week courses available. Most courses average 30 classes per week.


Business English courses

One-to-one business English lessons are for business executives and professionals who want to learn English as quickly as possible with customized lessons and a private English teacher.

Questions and answers

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"This student is from Chile. How long can he take lessons in your school? Is it possible for her to stay 12 weeks?"

Only European and Korean passport holders are allowed to stay in Singapore for 90 days. Chilean passport holder can only stay in Singapore for maximum up to 60 days.
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"Whether the student can take a course longer than 8 weeks for the Functional English? Is there a way you can write some sort of a document to help Giada present it to her company? Or is the letter of acceptance the only thing that can be sent out?"

Dyan Test, student from USA
European students can study 3 months course base on their 90 days stay in Singapore. She could study 4-6 months course if her parents apply for her Dependant Pass in Singapore. Yes, we could issue a Letter of Acceptance for Giada to present to her company.
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"Can the student study a 3-month course with her Italian passport? If she would like to study 4-6 months course, is she required other valid pass in Singapore, for example Dependant Pass?"

Dyan Test, student from USA
Yes, for student who is holding a Dependant Pass, Employment Pass, Long-term Visit Pass could study up to 24 weeks course.
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"When is peak season in Miami?"

Société CLAVIS ATLAS SERVICES, student from France
From Jan. to May it is the highest season in Miami (all the international music and sport events take place here).
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