Learn English in Chicago, USA

What is the best way to learn English in Chicago, USA?

Trying to learn English in Chicago, USA? At his inaugural address, Barack Obama mentions ‘If there is anyone out there who still doubts that America is a place where all things are possible,’ ‘…tonight is your answer.’ The throngs listening to their junior senator knew that they were not simply anywhere in America, they were in Chicago.

Many, after listening to their newest hero, who started as a community organizer in Chicago’s rough and tumble South Side, accept the office of President of the United States, laughed and cried under the towering skyscrapers that line Michigan Avenue, overjoyed and overwhelmed at this historic event.

Needless to say, no story of Chicago goes without a dichotomous opposite, and even as the afterglow of that evening passed, the intense winter months delivered headlines of political scandal and economic asperity. However entirely in the future, the substance of Chicago has duplicity not like any other American town – a place in which high- and lowbrow fine art makes a messy collision, where restaurants are just as notable for cutting-edge concepts like molecular gastronomy and burly bricks of sausage-stuffed deep-dish. People in the ‘city that works’ perform pretty damn hard as well – sprawling on exotic beaches, packing bars right up until 5am and whiling aside a complete summer season with outdoor festivals. Once you come to the center of downtown Chicago from any of the highways that join it to the airport, or the remaining portion of the Midwest, and see the impactful design that rises so substantially from the vast expanses of Lake Michigan, you cannot help but to gasp in shock. The bustling noises of the El train that passes overhead reminds you that Chicago is set to have its place in history and that in this amazing, enthusiastic city, all things are possible.

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