It’s not easy to find study abroad and travel advice on the Internet. How do you know which website to trust to provide you with the best advice? The good news is, Language International has sorted out the best study abroad and travel resources online into these categories. You’ll never feel lost again!

Language Learning & Study Abroad Resources

Free Translation: Translate free to and from 33 languages.

Learn English: Free and paid resources to help you learn the world’s most spoken language.

Learn French: Online resources to help you learn the most romantic language in the world.

Learn Spanish: Hola! A language that will connect with 325 million Spanish speakers worldwide.

Learn Italian: Find everything you need to speak, write, and understand Italian!

Learn German: Sprechen Sie Deutsch? If not, check out some resources to help you get started.

Learn Chinese: Your key to a culture that’s centuries in the making.

Learn Japanese: こんにちは

Travel Resources

Deals: Last-minute deals on flights and more.

Flights: Where to book the cheapest flights to get you to your study abroad destination.

Insurance: Information on health and travel insurance plans for international students.

Visa: How and where to apply for a tourist, business, and student visa.

Car rentals: Where to find cheap car rentals to make the most of your study abroad trip.

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